Back office

Your Personal Back office

Secure access

Benefits for the Gallery owner

Direct access to your relations profile information anywhere, any time

Who are they? Are they a business or a person? Where are they located?
What type of art are the looking for? How do they communicate with you?
How long have they been your relation?

Collectors buying profile
How often do they buy or sell art? Who is their preferred artist?

Collectors buying preferences
What type of art? Specific artist? Why do they buy it?

Benefits for the Collector

The back office enables you to catalogue your complete art collection in an absolute confidential and secured manner.

Optional Gallery
The objects that you want to share with the wider audience will be placed in your Private Gallery with the supporting information that you want to make public.  The objects and the background information that you do not wish to share publicly will remain in the anonymous domain of your Back Office.

Network services

Membership provides access to the larger network of ArtViewing.Gallery: our related service providers, museums and galleries.