Your gallery

Your personal Exhibition Space including a Collection and Relation Management System

Design of your exhibition space

The ArtViewing team works in concert with its clients to create their own virtual gallery and provide the maximum flexibility. Should the client desire to work with a specific designer than we are pleased to help, and to deliver the artistic and technical support. The collector can also commission us to provide all services and elements of the design process and tailor it to the owners' wishes.
For a quick instant solution? Visit our template example: DEMO

Collection & Relation Management (CRMS)

In addition to the inhouse stand-alone CRMS we also offer a web based system. The exhibited information is linked with the extensive CRMS that catalogues your complete art collection in an absolute confidential and secured manner.
The objects that you do not wish to share publicly will remain in the anonymous domain of the CRMS.

In case you have a functional website, our CRMS can also be used as separate product, collection items can be shown in your existing website using an iFrame or the Wordpress plugin. 

Changing temporary exhibitions on your website becomes a 'Piece of Cake'.