The combination of a public gallery and private back office

Benefits in brief

Some of the practical applications and benefits are the following:

  • If you choose to use the service to create your own individual Gallery you will be able to share specific works of art with a wider audience, to organise joint expositions with other collectors and to provide new artists with a broader audience. In this way you will be able to manage the value of your collection.
  • The platform allows you to select objects and offer them for loan to museums, adding value to your collection.
  • When visiting an Art fair, exhibition or auction you can register the information of a particular Artwork on the spot while you have access to wide-ranging information of the associated artist.
  • It allows you to have direct contact with your business partners worldwide, curators, other collectors or gallery owners while you have the information on hand.
  • You will be able to show the complete collection, or recent works sold to clients anywhere and at any time by using the integrated handheld devices, both Androïd and iOS.
  • Changing temporary exhibitions on your website becomes a 'Piece of Cake’
  • The system offers a complete platform to describe objects and connect them to all relevant information, such as the artist database, documents, related objects, loan and restoration processes.
  • For insurance, transport, restoration, valuation, fiscal and legal structuring you will have access to our network of services and specialists.     
  • The user and owner of the system may open a number account that guarantees complete privacy and safety, or opt for an inhouse system.
  • Business relations, such as curators, may be provided with limited access to the collection. For instance 'read relevance' only, or 'upload key information only’. On the other hand unlimited authorisation levels can also be applied. 
  • To print working catalogues from the system is easy, and can be send as PDF to trusted relations or museums.
  • Data migration or import from existing systems is a one-time action that has been successfully executed by us many times, e.g. from Filemaker Pro, Excel, Adlib, and other.