Private Collector

Upgrade the value of your collection

Private collection

You wish to manage your collection in the most confidential way, and still have the benefits of a professional system.

ArtViewing is a handsome and user-friendly collection management system for private collectors in a protected environment. No Internet connection for utmost safety and data protection. Web presence is optional.

ArtViewing is developed for Museums and Cultural Heritage organizations, and is based on international standards. The ArtViewing CMS is a comfortably priced product compared with systems in the current market.

Changing from rigid or limited systems to the user-friendly ArtViewing saves time and money. Data migration or import from existing systems is a one-time action that has been successfully executed by us many times, e.g. from Filemaker Pro, Excel, Adlib, and other.

Easy export function for reports such as valuation, insurance, transport, loan, catalogue, and more.

Beside the inventory and cataloguing of the collection, all processes needed for loan, restoration, transport and storage, are available and provide a complete history of all actions executed. 

Ease at work

Pop-up windows explaining all actions make the registration and processing easy.