Why Art viewing

Work with ArtViewing.Gallery

For the Gallery owner or Mediator between collectors and artists
  • Do you know exactly how many art works you sold since you started?
  • And to whom? And from which artist?
  • Remember the exact sales price, and your fee?
  • Do you have handsome records of valuations after sales?
  • Are all your handled works insured and valuated accordingly? Is their location known?
  • Do you know which of the handled works have been on show in a museum, or printed in a catalogue?
  • Are all press clippings documented and 'attached' to the individual works, show and artists?
  • Are you able to show the complete collection, or recent works to clients anywhere, at any time?

If not all answers are in your head, we would be happy to give you a presentation of solutions and relevant elements of our application. Just use the contact form and we will contact you.

If you work with our system, and you have specific needs or wishes, just tell us, and - if to the point - we will implement them in an unprecedented time frame.