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Jack Hylton - I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight


In 1937 in the munich museum of Art the first large exhibition entitled 'Entartete Kunst' ('Depraved Art') took place, a defamatory presentation of examples of listed contemporary art, a selection of confiscated works from public and private collections. A part of the art collection was auctioned publicly in 'Gallery Fischer' in Lucerne in 1938, whilst other works were publicly destroyed in Berlin in 1939. Music was treated in a similar way, particularly jazz, which was seen as Jewish-inspired Negro music and treated in a similar fashion, beingplaced entirely on the National-Socialist registration list. The day before the famous Carnegie Hall concert by Benny Goodman in which jazz was so to speak raised from functional dance music to an art form, the State Music Chamber published a list of banned gramophone records, including - amongst others - sixteen titles of Benny Goodman. However, the National Socialists could not wholly prevent the playing of and listening to jazz. Jazz in the Third Reich: underground music.